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LuLu 4 Plus Couples Vibrator

$59.99 $199.99

This product is our new version of LuLu 4 that comes with improved motor and battery for the remote included. With multiple pulsating patterns, the LuLu 4 Plus ensures you will always find the perfect way to unwind.

The dual vibrator is perfect for use as an all over body massager and also works great on back, feet, shoulders & neck. It works great for relief from sports injuries too. It's small size makes it easy to get to those hard to reach spots.

The LuLu 4 Plus couples vibrator stimulates the nerve endings towards the surface of the skin and causes your body to increase its levels of endorphins - the natural chemicals that cause you to feel relaxed. The effect of your increased sense of well-being slows your heart rate and regulates breathing. Your stress levels will decrease and the complexity of modern life will drift away.

The LuLu 4 Plus is a vibrator used for relaxing muscles and healing aches all over the body. The main unit is flexible and bends to the contours of your body. The cordless design makes it possible to use all over the body, the massager is covered in a super soft silicone material which is durable and 100% safe. Fully waterproof design, the LuLu 4 Plus can be experienced fully in the bath or shower. Charging over USB makes it very versatile and travel friendly.

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