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About us

LuLu has been invented in 2015 when a couple of lovers started experimenting with online toys. In the beginning they were shopping and making the decision to purchase based on the looks of the product and its reviews. That didn't always work as good as they expected and very often they were very disappointed by the quality of the product or just totally different experience that the other people described online. That is why the couple decided to produce their own sex toys and sell them based on their verified experience. 

Today LuLu is still a small start-up however it doesn't only carry sex toys anymore. Our company also offers luxurious therapeutic massagers for everyone who wants to unwind after a long day or simply relax some stiff muscles.

Each of our products has a low-key, discreet name like LuLu 1 or LuLu 2. Each order is fulfilled by Amazon and it is delivered in a regular brown box same as other Amazon products. 


Our address:

P.O.Box 2693 Cupertino CA 95015

Email: [email protected]

Tel. 408-622-0868